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Richard George Adams

You might think that Richard George Adams was just another writer, which of course he was, but he has shown much intelligence in his books. He wrote his first book, Watership Down because of his two daughters who he used to tell the story to on long car trips. After he finished the story his daughters persuaded him to publish it as a book!
He wrote the story but his book was turned down by many publishers, as so often happens but he kept going and finally got someone to publish it. The book was a huge success and Mr. Adams wrote many more after it.
Here is a list of some of his books.


  • Watership Down (1972)
  • Shardik (1974)
  • Plague Dogs, the (1977)
  • Girl in a Swing, the (1980)
  • Legend of Te Tuna, the (1982)
  • Maia (1984)
  • Traveler (1988)
  • Outlandish Knight, the (1999)

Daniel (2006) R.M.Ballantyne

R.M.Ballantyne was born in Edinburgh on April 24,in the year of 1825. He disliked his studies (as do quite a lot of children) and was not disposed to hard work. At sixteen years of age he went into the service of the Hudson Bay company who were trying to discover the northwest passage.

Mr.Ballantyne wrote more than 90 books in his lifetime and I would have to say everyone of them is a winner!
I have a few of his books here but I will not be able to write reviews on them until later.

  • Coral Island
  • The Hudson Bay Company
  • The Young Fur Traders
  • Martin Rattler
  • The Dog Crusoe and his Master
  • The World of Ice
  • The Gorilla Hunters
  • The Golden Dream
  • The Red Eric
  • Away in the Wilderness
  • Fighting the Whales
  • The Wild Man of the West
  • Man on the Ocean
  • Gascoyne; the Sandalwood Trader
  • The Lifeboat
  • Chasing the Sun
  • Freaks on the Fells
  • The Lighthouse
  • Fighting The Flames

Frank Peretti

Frank Peretti has produced quite a few books that almost deserve to be called “classics” many of which I have read.
He has written books ranging from young children to adult material which is what makes him so good because if you feel like reading a book by him, most of the time there is a book that you would be interested in.

Some of my favorites are…

  • Kids Reading
  • Cooper Kids Adventure Series
  • The Door in the Dragon’s Throat
  • Escape from the Island of Aquarius
  • The Tombs of Anak
  • Trapped at the Bottom of the Sea
  • The Secret of the Desert Stone
  • The Deadly Curse of Toco-Rey
  • The Legend of Annie Murphy
  • Mayday at Two Thousand Five Hundred Feet