7 reasons why you should have a home bar

Fate and fortune are some of the things that human beings, being curious creatures that they are, often feel compelled to test out, especially when it comes to the high-paced world of gambling. People who are into the high-paced thrill seeking life often frequent to casinos to gamble and participate in games that let them test out their luck. Albeit gambling is frowned upon because it is considered an illicit activity, it can be nothing but entertaining and fun if done right. Keeping up with the fast pace world and change in schedule and lifestyle speed can be quite hard, and so can frequenting to casinos be with the staggering rise in the cost of all expenses, from charter expense to hotel price, so to those who want to have fun yet can’t because of economic constraint casino home bar is the answer.

About home bar:

In the very beginning, people would have to frequent casinos if they wanted to gamble or play any games. But now you don’t have to stay limited to the confines of those boundaries and get to play your favorite hand of games right at your home. A home bar could consist of all your favorite games in one place in the form of a game table or several game tables that flaunt a single game. The bar also usually comes with space designated to hold your liquors and other alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.

Choosing the right home bar:

It’s important that you know what to look for when you’re buying a home bar for your own mini-casino at home to get the best service that you can get as well as the best experience you can gather when you play the games with your friends and family. You can check out various blog posts that review on home bars and choose the one that is most suited to your needs and requirements.

Reasons why you need to have a home bar

· Entertainment:

When you get a home bar, it automatically turns your living room or game room or whatever room you place it in into the entertainment central. You’ll always have some kind of entertainment alternative to having when you’re feeling bored or have nothing to do. It’s convenient if you’re having a date over at your place and want to impress her too.

· Casino at home:

You don’t have to frequent to a casino to play games and quench your thirst for some high paced gambling. Whenever you feel like cashing in and checking on your luck, you can call your friends or colleagues over and turn your humble abode into a mini casino and have fun.

· Cost –effective:

The amount of money you save on the air fares and hotel fairs as well as all the money you’d have to spend on food and travel can all be saved in a quick jiffy when you choose to buy a home bar and get it installed in your own home, instead of having to frequent the casinos to get your dosage of gambling high.

· Practice for the big thing:

If you’re all about the big life, it’ll do you good to be prepared for the games at the casinos when you visit. You’ll need to make sure that you have all the rules down and know what you’re doing and not playing blind by practicing on your home bar.

· Get together at your place is everyone’s favorite:

With a home bar, get together with your squad is always fun and the talk of the town for weeks to come. You’ll have an everlasting impression on your friends when you win all the games at your home whilst playing the game on the home bar.

· You’re never bored:

YOU’RE NEVER BORED! I honestly don’t think this reason needs any explanation at all.

· You have a cool bar to hold your liquor:

The most important perk of having a home bar is that you not only get a cool game bar with all the games you’d want to play at a casino but also a cool bar to hold your liquor or any other beverages.

Top 5 Appetizers to Pair with Wines

Although celebratory days come every once in a while, it really doesn’t have to be one for you to enjoy some wine on your own, with friends, or with loved ones. In fact, you can come up with reasons to celebrate wine and have fun – especially if you have the right appetizers to boot.

Everyone knows that chocolate, fruit, and cheeses pair well with wine. Therefore, if you are looking for some inspiration for your next hangout sessions, these light finger foods will prove useful when it comes to making your vino taste much better than it would be on its own.

Look through the following appetizers and ensure you add them to your next party, taking care to pair them well. Even if you aren’t throwing a party, these recipe suggestions will convince you that you need some friends, laughter, and fun over wine tonight. Anyway, your selection of wine tells a lot about your personality.

Read on to learn more:

1. Stilton Sirloin Sliders with Shiraz

Australian Shiraz is the perfect wine to pair with meaty sirloin sliders complete with sharp, creamy Stilton cheese at the top. The heavy tannins and robust quality of the wine will go a long way in complementing the richness of the blue cheese and beef.

2. Pears and Camembert with Pinot Noir

For that laid back cheese and fruit starter, pick such a light bodied red as Pinot Noir. It will pair perfectly well with a mild cheese like Camembert. What is more, the wine won’t end up overwhelming the delicate flavors of the pears.

3. Deviled Eggs with Rosé

The most classic of appetizers, deviled eggs can be a hard nut to crack. However, as long as you know what you should drink with these eggs, you will be good to go. To this end, a dry rosé will serve you well. It boldness will stand up well to the lustrous richness of eggs that have been blended up with mayo.

However, if you only have rosé sparkling wine, a better alternative would be mini sandwiches of rare roast beef. Flavorful, rich, and full bodied, rosé sparkling wine will work well with a whole variety of foods sharing similar qualities.

Although rosé sparkling wine won’t pair well with red meat, it will find a perfect home with sandwiches made of buttery rolls, rare roast, and a hint of horseradish cream sauce. If you are looking for a hearty food companion and a little bit of flavor in your wine, this is the perfect pairing.

4. Spicy Crab Hush Puppies with Riesling

Served alongside Creole mustard dipping sauce and made with crab, these Southern treats pack that spicy punch you need with your wine. Serve the appetizers piping hot with off-dry Riesling to top off your evening.

5. Cheddar Cheese Balls with Rioja

Savory and tender, these cheddar cheese balls will provide you with a heavenly bombardment in your mouth. Serve them alongside Spanish Rioja and you’ll have yourself the delectable pair you have been searching for. In particular, the tannins in Rioja work amazingly well with the cheese’s creaminess.


Whether you are planning to host a fancy dinner party or you are on a date at a good restaurant, selecting the perfect wine and appetizer combination can be difficult. Update your knowledge by starting out with the pairings we’ve outlined above.

Types of Butter

 There are several different ways to produce butter. Yesterday, I could have named two. Today, after reading up on the subject, I can name a few more. My appreciation of Harold McGee grows by the day.


These are types of butter production, rather than a complete list of butter products. That’s why I haven’t listed Brown butter, or clarified butter. I’ll get to these types of butter at a later time.


Raw Cream Butter – Alas, it is unlikely that you will ever have this kind of butter, especially here in the United States. The reason? It’s made from unpasteurized milk. Well, that and it has a shelf life of only ten days. This type of butter is said to taste more of cream and less of the salty fat that we’re used to here in the States.

Sweet Cream Butter – Often called “unsalted butter” here in the States, it’s the kind I buy most often (There was has been as much as three pounds in my refrigerator at one time). Good butter is typically white with a slight yellow palor, as well has having a higher fat content. Without the salt added, there’s a purer taste of butter.

Salted Sweet Cream Butter – This is also typically what is found in the grocer’s dairy section. This is Sweet Cream butter made from pasteurized cream with salt added. The salt was initially added because it helped fight off bacteria when folks would leave the butter out. But now that we typically keep our butter cold (at least here in America), it’s there because we believe it should be there. When I realized that salted butter is to be avoided when baking at home, and that salted butter scorches in the frying pan more readily than unsalted butter, I found myself purchasing less and less of the stuff.

Cultured Cream Butter – This is butter that has had a fermenting agent added, most likely lactic acid. The fermentation adds a more discernable (some would say ‘tangy’) butter flavor. This is very much a European style of butter that is now gaining popularity over here.

European-Style Butter – A butter that has a lower moisture percentage and higher butterfat content than the typical sweet-cream butter (which is about 20% water, if I recall correctly). Due to the lower moisture content, it makes this the butter of choice for pastries and sauces. Plugra is the brand most often recognized as “European-Style”.

Whipped Butter – Butter made to be spread. It is aerated with nitrogen gas, giving the butter a more malleable and smoother texture. This type of butter should be avoided for almost all functions except for topping foods and spreading on toast and muffins.

Beurre Cuisinier, Beurre Pâtissier, Beurre Concentré – These are specialty butters with even less moisture and/or more butterfat. These are also typically unavailable for the common consumer, and are most often found in bakeries and patisseries.